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Fischer Scientific has been providing high quality Information Technology services since 1978. We design and install software-based systems for a large variety of businesses, ranging from Fortune 100 investment banks to small manufacturing concerns. Our expertise can be summarized as fitting into these categories:

Image and Document Management Systems.   We design custom imaging systems around the toolkits offered by  LeadTools, and Adobe. We have many successful imaging systems operating around the world. Some examples of our work, system specs and an ROI calculation can be found here.

Management Consulting Services  We have worked with some of the best businesses in the world on making their office operations more productive. The techniques we bring to the table are based on sound business principles and excellent technical practices which provide a rapid Return-on-Investment. Our goal is to make money for the client by making the workplace more efficient. This includes paperless-office techniques, Electronic Data Interchange with customers and vendors and manufacturers, and workplace re-engineering. To learn more, follow this link.

Enterprise Resource Planning System Products and Services      We specialize in the customization of  Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) Software Accounting  systems, and have an extensive repertory of add-on software for these packages. An example of this is our custom electronic requisition system which provides a path to automated purchasing operations and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with trading partners. We have an extraordinary track record of successful implementations with excellent return-on-equity for our clients.

Custom Software and Systems.  We have been providing innovative design solutions to a variety of businesses for many years. We specialize in the Microsoft .NET technologies. Among our products are  custom ASP.NET websites with interactive FLASH presentations, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Systems,  and Business-To-Business tools. We are marketing a new Small Business Point of Sales solution and a system catering to the sports professional teacher called FIPOS, which is thoroughly modern and very efficient.  We have effectively customized the Perkin-Elmer LabWorks software by adding automated document management services and specialized reporting systems.  Also, look here for our shareware program YearSum, the incredibly easy to use organizer for tax receipts. We have produced Building Maintenance Management Software, an Automobile Parking Lot Management system, and Firing Range Simulators. We also have experience in the fields of Meteorology, Railroad Technology, and radio communications systems including wave propagation and antenna design.

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