Consulting Services

There are two ways for a successful business to make more money: either produce more goods and services, or do the job more efficiently. We have helped many businesses to do both, but recently we find more interest in the latter approach.

We have spent the last fifteen years consulting with companies such as Goldman, Sachs & Co., The World Bank and many smaller companies in bringing greater efficiency to their operations. We have developed a series of techniques which improve productivity by eliminating many of the chores which slow down an office. At the core of these techniques is a sound business strategy based on a paperless office with automated communications between clerical staff, production areas and their vendors and customers. The technology to implement this is often very straightforward and inexpensive, and needs to be tailored to each client's needs.

Many of our technical projects have required the design and implementation of large databases, and the timely processing of this data into business intelligence. This type of work for the scientific community has formed the basis of our work with the business community and provided the point of entry to our Management Consulting specialties.

 For example, at Goldman, Sachs we automated  the requisition, order entry, purchasing, receiving and QC functions. We saw the  average cost per PO  fall from $125 to less than $30. This was done by handling standard orders according to a set of custom business rules. When an order falls within the limits of an EDI set, it is made into a PO and forwarded directly to the vendor without any manual intervention. Behind this process is an orderly set of business rules and managed vendor relationships.  The return-on-equity (ROI) for this system makes it very attractive for any business which finds itself bogged down in the  administration of its normal procurement processes. At Goldman we helped make a 50 person Purchasing Department administering $35 million per year into a 12 person staff administering $200 million.

Fischer Scientific has been organized as a consultant engineering firm since 1978 and in that time we have done work in a wide variety of fields of technology for clients all over the world. Each project has required a detailed knowledge of state of the art technology in hardware and software, coupled with a keen sense of the mission requirements. We are proud of our record of having produced many unique projects on budget and on time by using a small group of top professionals . 

We see ourselves as applied mathematicians. Our core expertise comprise the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and the engineering technologies of electronics design, network topology, cipher methods,  radio wave propagation, antenna design, hyperbolic navigation, and video processing.