We specialize is designing document and image strategies that fit each of our clients' specific needs. Some companies have unique constraints, and for them we design and install a custom solution that is perfect for the job. The cost is modest and the performance is well tuned to the needs of the client. Our experience over the past 20 years is that most systems pay for themselves in real-time as they are integrated into the company: the return-on-investment of a properly designed system is unbeatable.

Fischer has been a supplier of imaging products since 1992. We base our products on the LeadTools suite of imaging tools, and Adobe. We have supplied imaging tools to The World Bank in Washington, DC,  Goldman Sachs & Co.,  several large growers in the Oregon seed industry,  medical management firms, food testing laboratories, and others. We have experience in the Hummingbird ImageBasic toolkit, and in the Kofax recognition suite as well.

All businesses see excellent returns from a well designed Document Management System. The average office wastes many hours each week in copying, storing and searching for its documents. These same files are a liability when kept in paper-only format.  Our cost effective systems pay for themselves in a short period of time by putting all of the paper records in one safe format which can easily be researched and viewed by all. They can easily be backed up and kept elsewhere for safety.


 The hallmark of each of our applications is a very simple user interface.  We use our expertise in database design and ergonomics to craft a system that is quick to learn and easy to use.  The Viewer software uses a single point of entry and presents the user with a qualified list of results. The result is a very easy to use paperless system that maintains the security levels of the original documents..                    




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