Great Plains/Solomon Software  Accounting Systems and Services  


Fischer Scientific has for many years been installing customized accounting systems for its clients.    We started  with the SBT ( )  Accounting Systems in the 80s, and we have maintained a high level of expertise in accounting and back office automation systems since then as we moved into more complex accounting packages.  We have heavily customized many different ERP software systems to add functionality to those core systems.  Currently we are working on a Microsoft Great Plains Solomon ( implementation for a manufacturing client.

Our expertise in database design and management, coupled with sound knowledge of accounting and engineering best practices have led us to design some truly remarkable systems for our clients.  We are experts at using Crystal Reports ( )  to provide management reports on these packages.  We also provide consulting services on back-office efficiency. We have had great success in finding methods to improve the operating efficiency of the typical business back-office by integrating technology and good modern business practices. We have created successful managed vendor relationships, business-to-business automated links, established cost effective EDI communications and other productivity improvements at a variety of large and small businesses. 

Solomon Software Systems:

We have added a complete, full featured Requisition module to the Solomon IV system. This consists of two sections, the user module and the Purchasing Department module. Each user creates reqs outside of the Solomon system, with no Solomon license required. The Purchasing module (Req-To-PO) views the requisitions and assigns them to individual buyers based on past buying history. Each buyer then can view and operate on his reqs, and either add them to existing POs or create new POs for the reqs. Again this is done without using any Solomon licenses. Fischer uses the Solomon password structure to ensure user integrity.

As a EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) feature we have automated this process. Software agents test for reqs which are pre-approved and pre-qualified for purchase. If a req meets these requirements, it is routed directly to the Req-To-PO module where it is converted into a new PO. Communications are then sent to the requisitioner, the vendor and to management alerting them as to the status of the order.

For Order Processing we have added a Document Management interface which eliminates the need to print and distribute papers within the company. Orders are automatically emailed or faxed to clients and vendors while simultaneously being entered into the companies Document Management System.

We offer the following add-on modules for Solomon IV:


We are currently working on an add-on for the Inventory module which displays Manufacturers specification documents from the Inventory display screen. Additional functions will allow users to create and attach specs to inventory items, using the web or catalog sheets as the source.

Each program operates without using a Solomon license by using our proprietary Solomon encryption/decryption routines and ADO access to the Solomon data tables. All of the newer programs are written in .NET.

SBT Accounting Systems:

We started working with SBT  ( since the late 80's as resellers and value-added integrators of customized accounting and back office systems. SBT , now ACCPAC, was one of the best PC based accounting systems available with full source code, and was one of the most readily adapted to any business environment due to its superior design and excellent documentation. We  have several clients using the SBT series software with  the TIW Manufacturing software packages to control shop functions such as bills-of-material and maintain inventory and work flow.  TIW and SBT work well together, sharing inventory modules and many accounting functions. One of our clients used SBT to administer over $200 million in funds (purchases) per year, using custom requisition and invoice processing software from Fischer.  In each case we have heavily customized the software to add functionality.  We are experts at using Crystal Reports  to provide management reports on these packages.  We have maintained a high level of expertise in accounting and back office automation systems.