Fischer Scientific  

ScanStation Document Imaging System Specification


System Hardware Minimum Requirements:

Pentium PC, 2 Ghz, 3 Gig RAM, 2 meg video, 250 Gig hard drive minimum

Scanner chosen for your application.   Fujitsu  scanners are our favorite for reliability and maintainability at a good price.

Software Requirements:

ScanStation software (proprietary)

ViewStation software (proprietary, licensed viewers for desktop and web operations)


System Interfaces:

 PeopleSoft, Oracle, SQL Server based ERP systems, Goldmine,or any other ODBC or ADO compliant data source.


System Operation:

The system works by scanning each set of documents using a standard scanner with an automatic document feeder, similar to a copy machine. The system operator first enters a few pieces of data that identify the document. This data will vary at different businesses, but usually consists of a name, date, invoice number, batch number or other data which will uniquely identify the document being scanned. This is the data that will be used to retrieve the images later. This is stored into a database. The scanned images are stored into a network hard drive.

Images are retrieved by entering any one of the index fields into a "Search" section of the software. This process then scans the database and looks in the hard drive and the CD drive for the needed image. If it is found, it is displayed. If not, the system will request the CD volume which contains the image. If there are multiple possible matches to the index key, they are displayed in a grid of information and the operator can browse through the list until the correct match is found.

When the image is displayed it can be enlarged or shrunk on the screen, rotated, printed, emaild or faxed.


Please note:

Our corporate systems are similar in specifications and much more automated in operation. Email us for more information at