Solomon Password Encryption and Decryption, Pre- Version 6 SP1

This allows users of our Solomon add-on programs to be validated through the original Solomon-administered login and password system. Users already trained in the login method for Solomon follow the same procedures for our programs, thus making the programs undistinguishable to the casual user. The functionality is supplied in several different forms. The DLL fsSolPass takes an input string of characters and can compare them with the appropriate encrypted string in the Solomon system tables. the file fsSolENcrypt takes an string of characters and yields its encrypted equivalent. The executable program performs both functions as a screen function alone. This is shown in the screen shot shown below.

In SP1 of version 6 Solomon changed to "strong encryption". This technique differs greatly, and will only work for passwords prior to then.

The file fsSolPass.DLL is the easiest way to integrate decryption with a VB or C project. It works as a function called CheckPass, which accepts parameters for the SQL Server path, an existing login with rights to check the password, and the user and password to be tested. In Visual Basic it looks like:

RC  =  CheckPass(pProvider, pUserID, pUserPass, pDataSource, pInitialCatalog, pNewUserID, pNewUserPass)

The return value will be -1 (True) if OK, 0 (False) if NotOK, 10 for an invalid server connection, and 100 for no such username.

Users concerned about security should know that this DLL does not require anything but Read rights to the database.



The stand-alone executable allows the user to display an encrypted or decrypted string for any input character set: