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The FIPOS system was designed by an excellent and experienced team of store owner/operators and software engineers using the latest technology. We have strived to make this system efficient and cost effective for a small business. Its operation is very easy to learn and administer.



Easy to learn touchscreen operations.

Customized for stores which have a mix of in-house charge accounts, and standard over-the-counter customers.

Full security for all transactions: signature and/or PIN entry for all in-house customers.

Fully integrated Credit and Debit card functions.

Secure database system. All customer sensitive data is encrypted using the highest, most secure level available.

Many management reports: open orders, closed orders, payments (these can be run for one customer at a time, or for all customers), customer list, 'X' and 'Z' day reports, customer chronological reports, etc.

Customer reports include full details of each transaction, including signature.

Easy management of customer data, inventory PLU, tax rates.

House accounts are charged automatically, all in one quick session: individual accounts can be charged at any time.

Standard high quality hardware used throughout: Dell Business PC or HP All-In-One, ELO touchscreen, Ingenico Signature/Swipe/PIN terminal, Epson and Star receipt printer.

Integrated Internet and telephone communications for backup.

Account sharing between stores available.


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